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  • Works across browsers
    • Hit F11 (for most browsers) to go full screen
  • Hit the space bar, page down, or click the mouse for the next slide
  • Some key shortcuts
    1. The 'c' key gives a table of contents
    2. The 's' key makes the font smaller
    3. The 'b' key makes the font larger

The wiki as presentation tool

  • Any page on the wiki can become a presentation and you can use any wiki markup
  • The entire presentation is included on one page (but you can include other pages like you normally do on the wiki)
  • Include {{Slides}} at the top to indicate that it will be used as a presentation
  • Define the look via css (an example file is at OpenWetWare:Presentations/default.css) which can be included from the presentation
  • The page should contain a list of slides like this
<div class="slide">
Slide content
  • The page will look normally on the wiki except that a link will be added to start the presentation

Incremental display

  • First bullet point
  • Second bullet point
  • Third bullet point

Expandable outlines

  1. Topic 1
    1. subtopic a
    2. subtopic b
  2. Topic 2
    1. subtopic c
    2. subtopic d

More information

  • See the Slidy page for more information and additional features

End presentation

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