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Cannon Lab Notebook Guidelines

  • Keep a notebook for every project you are working on
    • For most group members, a single notebook will be sufficient
    • Read the guide at Help:Notebook to help you begin
  • Please follow these naming conventions for your notebooks:
    • On the One Click Setup page
      • Select "Lab" notebook type
      • Enter your name as the project name (e.g. "Jonathan Cannon")
      • Enter "HighPoint/CannonLab" as the lab name
  • Add a link to your your notebook under the appropriate project section, below
    • If you begin a second project, you can later "move" your entire notebook to a new location which includes your project name

Notebooks by Project

Protein/Membrane Interactions

Jigesh's Lab Notebook

Osmolytes and Small Solute Studies

Lab Organization

Dr. Cannon's Lab Setup Notebook

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