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Welcome to the Hlavacek wiki!

This site is meant to serve as a guide for how to host a lab on OpenWetWare. It is currently under development.

Please see Help:Starting a lab wiki for detailed instructions on how to host a lab on OpenWetWare.

This page is the homepage of a sample lab titled "Hlavacek".

Feel free to copy the code from these generic lab wiki pages onto your own lab's pages. Just be sure and replace every instance of Hlavacek with your own lab's name (like Endy or Silver).

Set up your contact information page

Every new wiki page that you create for your lab should be named <Your PI's last name>:Name of the page.

So much in the same way you created your lab wiki main page, you can start a new page titled <Your PI's last name>:Contact to list the contact information for your lab. See Knight:Contact, Smolke:Contact and Endy:Contact for examples.

Recent updates to the lab wiki

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