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Alex Holcombe
Sarah McIntyre
Fahed Jbarah
• Shih-Yu Lo
• Patrick Goodbourn
Lizzy Nguyen

action precision
Tactile Motion
Tactile Receptors
Binding, grouping


Skills Checklist
Python Programming
Psychopy/VisionEgg Installation Notes
R analysis,plot,stats
Verifying timing
Programming Cheat Sheets

  • Mobile computation and aperture problem
  • Temporal limit on aperture problem
  • Bartender something about grouping aperture away thanks to motion?
  • Data display color segregation, draw best-fitting line under time pressure or judge which way probe line should be tilted, with various Gestalt principles used to segregate
  • Triple binding in Glass patterns
  • Jun Saiki change detection of swap, also Stoner, Clifford Pearson Spehar
  • Quantify Scholl rubber-bands and uncover lags for grouped/unwanted bindings
  • Motion-motion very high resolution as found by Yan, see his thesis [[1]]
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