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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

For DSC measurements, see Friday 02/23 lab entry (this way they are all in one place).

Filtering the product from 12/16:

Significantly more of the material had precipitated over the weekend. The precipitate was white, sticky, and almost solidly filled several of the bottles they were made in.

Filter using vacuum pump and filtration flask and filter funnel and Whatman filter papers #2 qualitative circles 55mm. Filtered each precipitate bottle separately using different filter paper but same waste filter flask. As much as possible was filtered by cleaning/scraping/dumping the precipitate into the filter and rinsing with acetone and then ice cold water (such that all acetone is washed away). Filtering did not remove all moisture from the precipitate, thus the filter papers w precipitate were left to dry for some time before being bottled.

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