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Myoglobin Templated CdS QDs

  • Samples prepared at different pH by using Na2S and CH3COSK as sulfur sources:

1.1000 μL of 5 mM Cd(CH3CO2)2 was added to 500 μL of 400 mM CH3CO2NH4.

2. 312.5 μL of Myoglobin was added to the solutions and the total volume was adjusted to 4900 μL.

3. The pH of the solutions was adjusted to the different values by using HNO3 or CH3COOH for the pH 5 and 6, and NH4OH for the pH 8, 9 and 10.

4. 100 µL of Na2S/CH3COSK was added dropwise.

Image:CdS (1).png Marji's Lab Notebook

Image:CdS (2).png Marji's Lab Notebook

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