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Extracted BioBrick Parts

Extracted BioBrick Parts

Part No Description Plasmid Resistance
B1002 Stop pSB1AK3  
B1006 Stop pSB1AK3  
J45995 Stationary phase dependent GFP generator pSB1AT3  
B0030 RBS strong pSB1A2  
E0840 GFP pSB1A2  
J23114 Promoter J61002  
R0040 TetR repressible promoter pSB1A2  
J23113 Promoter J61002  
E0040 GFP pSB1A2  
I732007 BgIII and BamHI pSB1A3  
J37016 Lux R GFP pSB1A2  
J23100 Promoter J61002  
J45996 Anti-OsmY GFP pSB1AK3  
I13522 pTET GFP pSB1A2 or J23006  
I13522('07) pTET GFP pSB1A2 or J23006  
C0012 LacI repressor pSB1A2  
I714062 GFP Stop pSB1A2  
Q04121 QPI pSB2K3  
F1610 OHL sender pSB1AK3  
J04630 GFP stop pSB1AK3  
C0061 AHL synthase pSB1A2  
B0014 Stop Stop pSB1AK3  
B0015 Stop pSB1AK3  
pSB1AK3 High copy number plasmid carrying ampicillin and kanamycin resistance    
pSB1A2 High copy number plasmid carrying ampicillin resistance.    
pSB1A3 high copy number plasmid carrying ampicillin resistance.    
pSB2K3 variable copy number plasmid carrying kanamycin resistance    
J23006 Plaasmid which puts biobrick uder pTET    

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