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Searching for protocols
Do a PCR for PhybB on E.coli DH5alpha suspension:
Taq 10× buffer: 5μl
dNTPs: 1μl
MgCl2: 3μl
taq 5u/μl: 0.25μl
Forward primer 10mM: 1μl
Reverseprimer 10mM: 1μl
Template: 1μl
MQ: 38.75μl

PCR conditions:
denaturation: 10min
Cycle 25×
denaturtaion: 1min
annealing: 1min (gradient for 57 and 60 degrees)
extension: 1.5 min
Final extension: 10min
Store infinite

Analyse them on a 1% agarosegel

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