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General Info

From 6p.m. to 9p.m.

Rm 5486

Attendance: Xiuye, Jingjing, Cotton, Qing, Jiahui, Carmen, Wisely, Jinyu, Guangnan, Winnie.

Important Announcement

Welcome Winnie to our group

Meeting Schedule for this month

Everyday?! Possibly...

At least,

  • June 23, First Draft
  • June 30, Second Draft



by Qing

Tutorial 3

by Wisely

Binomial Distribution, Gaussion Distribution, Markov Process

Read-out System

for Randomizer

by Jean

Summary & Super Brainstorming

by Idea Queen --- Xiuye

  1. Oscillation
  2. Polarity
  3. Transformation competence
  4. λ phage
  5. RBS

Stripe Pattern

by Jingjing

Stripes from Developmental Biology, adapted from Drosophila

3 patterns:

  1. CDE -- 3 areas (firstly by gradient of A to B)
  2. hair distributed evenly?
  3. concentric circles (nutrition)
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