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General Info

Time: 2 - 3:30 p.m. on Sep 13, Saturday

Venue: Room 5506

Host: Jean

Attendance: KC, Tony, Qing, Winnie, Xiuye, Guangnan, Jingjing, Haoyue, Jean, Gladys, Sunny, Vivian


  1. Report on the progress of lab work (Jingjing) and discuss the planning of lab work in next two weeks. (20min)
  2. Finalize the ordering of T-shirt. (5min)
  3. Simulation---difficulties. (5min)
  4. Preparation of Championship Jamboree--------presentation and poster. (5min)
  5. How to help high school students understand some basic concepts and our project in detail. (5min)
  6. Release form, and visa application. (2min)
  7. Schedule of following one and a half month. (2min)


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