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*TA: [[User:ShawnDouglas|Shawn Douglas]] ([[User_talk:ShawnDouglas|talk]], [[Special:Contributions/ShawnDouglas|edits]])
*TA: [[User:ShawnDouglas|Shawn Douglas]] ([[User_talk:ShawnDouglas|talk]], [[Special:Contributions/ShawnDouglas|edits]])
==Recent Changes==

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Project Overview

  • Our goal is to to design and implement molecular containers, which can be dynamically opened and closed by an external stimulus.
  • The containers will be implemented as DNA nanostructures, which afford a significant degree of positional control and chemical versatility.
  • As an initial proof-of-concept, we plan to use our DNA containers to demonstrate controllable activation ("delivery") of anti-thrombin aptamers.
  • We expect that molecular containers could have several interesting scientific and clinical applications, such as
    • Drug and gene delivery
    • Bio-marker scavenging (early detection of biomarkers)
    • Directed evolution (compartmentalized selections)
    • Using multiplexing for combinatorial chemical synthesis
    • Capture and stabilization of multiprotein complexes
    • Protein folding (chaperones)
    • Cell sorting

Working Team Members

Recent Changes

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