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Final Plasmid, Primer, Ligation Rxn, PCR reaction, and other DNA Stocks
You can also document glycerol stocks or strains in this file if you have these.
The Stock Boxes are probably the safest in the large freezer near the door in room 5096.
Glycerol stocks of cells should be stored in the -80 freezer.
The Excel file contains placeholders for the following:
1) Tube position in the box (1-81)
2) Tube label
3) What type of sample is in the tube (ie plasmid, PCR product, primer, etc)
4) Desecription of the sample (ie promoter, vector type, selectable marker, etc)
5) Sequence (either a link to the sequence on the wiki, or paste in the sequence directly, written 5' to 3')







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