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Colony Count of Overnight Ligation vs. Shorter (2 hr Ligation)

Plated 6-20-07

Cell Type Volume Plated Colony Count
(Short Ligation)
Colony Count
(Overnight Ligation)
OmpA1 + random library, PCR275 µL541
OmpA1 + random library, PCR25 µL02
OmpA1 + random library, extension275 µL030
OmpA1 + random library, extension25 µL00
OmpA2 + random library, PCR275 µL01
OmpA2 + random library, PCR25 µL00
OmpA2 + random library, extension275 µL1277
OmpA2 + random library, extension25 µL01

Colony Count of Overweekend Ligation

Plated 6/25/07 The following were all done with 275 uL:

Cell Type Colony Count
(Overweekend Ligation;1uL DNA)
Colony Count
(Overweekend Ligation;6uL DNA)
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