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#FecAPorins11 pmid=16923915
#FecAPorins11 pmid=16923915
#FecAPorins12 pmid=16177795
#FecAPorins12 pmid=16177795
#FecAPorins13 pmid=12736688
#FecAPorins14 pmid=14500902
#FecAPorins15 pmid=11243829
#FecAPorins16 pmid=17208966

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FecA Two Component System

Planned Work

Completed Work

6/27/07 - Ordered oligos to create a FecA promoter BioBrick that can be used to recombine with GFP to create a reporter system.

The oligos ordered were as follows: Construct 1 5’- GTTTCTTCGAATTCGCGGCCGCTTCTAGAGatttcaccactgtaaggaaaataattcttatttc – 3’


6/27/07 - Miniprepped bacteria (FecA, FecI, FecR) to prepare for sequencing tomorrow, inoculation in 2 ml LB and 2 ul amp 50mg/ml 1000x.


Initial Plan (6/25/07)


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