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| P35 ||pLDR8||||||||||Yes||
| P35 ||pLDR8||||||||||Yes||
| P36 || [http://partsregistry.org/Part:BBa_I763004 BBa_I763004]||GFP + IPTG + LVA||||||Kan/Amp||
| P36 || [http://partsregistry.org/Part:BBa_I763004 BBa_I763004]||GFP + IPTG + LVA||||||Kan/Amp||||
| P37 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php/Part:BBa_I722007 BBa_I722007]||Constructive expression LacI w/ pTetR promoter||||||Amp||
| P37 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php/Part:BBa_I722007 BBa_I722007]||Constructive expression LacI w/ pTetR promoter||||||Amp||||
| P38 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php?title=Part:BBa_J23114 BBa_J23114]||High constitutive promoter||||||Amp||
| P38 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php?title=Part:BBa_J23114 BBa_J23114]||High constitutive promoter||||||Amp||||
| P39 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php?title=Part:BBa_J23113 BBa-J23113]||Low constitutive promoter||||||Amp||
| P39 || [http://partsregistry.org/wiki/index.php?title=Part:BBa_J23113 BBa-J23113]||Low constitutive promoter||||||Amp||||

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Name Registry Name Description Origin Size Marker Marker Miniprepped? Culture in Glycerol Stock?
P1 J23113Low promoter GFP testerpMB135KanYesin S1
P2 J23150/I20269Medium promoter GFP testerp15A pMR101-derived919Kan
P3 J23151/I20270High promoter GFP testerp15A pMR101-derived919KanYesin S1
P4 pACYC duetLow-Medium copy vectorp15a4008CmYesin S1 and TOP10
P5 pSB3K3Low-Medium copy vector (w/ death gene)p15a2750Kan
P6 BBa-E1010RFP only (w/ death gene)pMB1681Kan
P7 pSB1A2GFP onlypMB12079Amp
P8 BBa_J04450RFP with LacI promoterpMB11069Amp
P9 BBa_J04430GFP with LacI promoterpMB11083Amp
P10 BBa_I715038T7 Polymerase with LacI promoterpMB12878Amp
P11 BBa_M30109Light responsive system, dual regulationpUC19-derived pMB14333Amp/Cm
P12 pETDuet-1Low copy plasmidpBR322-derived ColE15420Amp
P13 pCDFDuet-1Low copy plasmidCloDF133781SmYesin S1
P14 pCOLADuet-1Low copy plasmidColA3719Kan
P15 BBa_I13522GFP with Tet promoterColE1937Amp
P16 BBa_R0040Tet repressible promoterpMB154Amp
P17 BBa_Q04400Inverter (TetR w/o promoter and Tet promoter)OriS, P1 lytic, F1902Kan
P18 BBa_R0051lambda promoter (cI regulated)pMB149Amp
P19 BBa_I763007RFP with lambda promoterpMB1918Amp
P20 BBa_J04431GFP (LVA tagged) with Lac promoterpMB11122Amp, Kan
P21 A1 (pACYC)pACYC (P4) w/ biobricks?????????Yesin S1 and TOP10
P22 BBa_R0082ompR controlled promoter for ompC (long)pMB1108Amp
P23 BBa_R0083ompR controlled promoter for ompC (short)pMB178Amp
P24 BBa_R0084ompR controlled promoter for ompFpMB1108Amp
P25 BBa_J58102Promoter activated by OmpR-P with the reporter GFPpUC19-derived pMB1991Amp
P26 BBa_J58103Mutated promoter activated by OmpR-P with the reporter GFPpUC19-derived pMB1961Amp
P27 pZS4int2repressor plasmidpSC101SmYes
P28 pZE21GFPColE1KanYes
P29 pZS*2RVenus (mutant YFP)pSC101*KanYes
P30 pZA32YFPp15ACmYes
P31 pZS*1RVenuspSC101*AmpYes
P32 pZA32Venusp15ACmYes
P33 pZA31Venusp15ACmYes
P34 pZE12GFPColE1AmpYes
P35 pLDR8Yes
P36 BBa_I763004GFP + IPTG + LVAKan/Amp
P37 BBa_I722007Constructive expression LacI w/ pTetR promoterAmp
P38 BBa_J23114High constitutive promoterAmp
P39 BBa-J23113Low constitutive promoterAmp
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