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(PCR of Wintergreen parts)
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==Team Allergy==
*Grew up colonies to miniprep (Complete Ger, Bet2, LTP parts)
*Transformed more sense+pdk parts for our false negatives (16,30,31)
==Team Flavor==
==Team Flavor==
===PCR Confirmation===
===PCR Confirmation===

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Team Allergy

  • Grew up colonies to miniprep (Complete Ger, Bet2, LTP parts)
    • Concentrations
  • Transformed more sense+pdk parts for our false negatives (16,30,31)

Team Flavor

PCR Confirmation

  • Ran gel to confirm Valencene PCR: failed

  1. Ladder
  2. DNA 1-1
  3. DNA 1-2
  4. DNA 2-1
  5. DNA 2-2
  6. Ladder

The numerical differentiation refers to the specific genomic DNA sample

PCR of Wintergreen parts

  • Ran PCR to extract J45004 and J45017 parts from the Wintergreen Pathway
    Left Primer: 5' cctttctagaatggaagttgttgaagttcttca 3'
    Right Primer: 5' aaggctgcagcggccgctactagtttaatttattttggtcaagga 3' (last 5 bp omitted to meet 45 bp maximum)
    Left Primer: 5' cctttctagaatgaaaactcccgaagactgc 3'
    Right Primer: 5' aaggctgcagcggccgctactagtttattaggcgacgccgc 3' 

The PCR reaction was set-up as per the specifications from the Phusion Polymerase manual (http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/ManualFiles/manualF-530.pdf). For template DNA, 3.5 ng of the J45700 BioBrick part (the entire wintergreen pathway) was used.

An annealing temperature of 62°C for 15s was used. Polymerase was allowed to extend for 60s; Phusion Polymerase extends at 1kb/15s, our longest construct is 1.7 kb

PCR Confirmation

  1. Ladder
  2. J45004 PCR #1
  3. J45004 PCR #2
  4. J45017 PCR #1
  5. J45017 PCR #2
  6. Ladder
  • Both J45004 PCR reactions appear to have worked, with product at the expected size of 1.1 kb.
  • The J45017 PCR reactions appears to have amplified some of the wrong sequence, as suggested by the short DNA fragment. However, the longer ~2 kb fragment in PCR #1 does appear to be around the correct length.

Team Fence


Barnase Digest Gel Extraction

Success! Image:Barnase_pstxba_gel_ext_7-28.jpg

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