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(Gel Extraction)
(Gel Extraction)
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*Miniprep of Mira/Brazz+StrepII+STOP in V0120
*Miniprep of Mira/Brazz+StrepII+STOP in V0120
===Gel Extraction===
===Gel Extraction===
*Gel extraction of J45017: <font color="yellow"> upcoming </font>
*Gel extraction of J45017: '''upcoming'''

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Team Allergy

  • Rules the world.
  • Also, we ran a gel for our second attempt at amiRNA stiching (stage 1): . It seems that the backbone is still present at high concentrations after PCR purification. Maybe this is why last time we had a high incidence of background? This time we're gel purifying.

Team Flavor


  • Miniprep of Mira/Brazz+StrepII+STOP in V0120

Gel Extraction

  • Gel extraction of J45017: upcoming

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