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(Information Processing)
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==Information Processing==
==Information Processing==
Parallel computing??
==Software Tool==
==Software Tool==

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Overall Ideas

Let's use biology in ways that make sense, aka lean on the strengths of biology to accomplish tasks better than would be done through other through.

Things biology is good at: parallel processing, self-regeneration, communication, ...?

Food or Energy

Allergen free foods - custom garden toolbox

Material conversion (to fuel)


[E. Chromi]

Bacteria that absorb toxins in air (sulfur dioxide, etc) or water (?)

Something to detect toxin concentrations in air - wouldn't use e. coli because they need to grow in aqueous environments

Organism that breaks down [something] (for removal of unwanted waste).

Health or Medicine


New Application

Foundation Advance

Information Processing

Parallel computing??

Software Tool

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