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(Image:Icon_board.png Opinion/Editorial)
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==[[Image:Icon_board.png]] Opinion/Editorial==
==[[Image:Icon_board.png]] Opinion/Editorial==
*'''Today's Mood Index: unknown/10'''
*'''Today's Mood Index: 4/10'''
everything is unknown, so is the world ^^
So much to do and so little time to do it in...

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the newsletter of Imperial College London iGEM 2006

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Project Discussion

Image:Icon_board.png Breaking News

Croonian Prize Lecture: 'Structure and the living cell'

<showhide> Wednesday 4th October at 6.30pm, The Royal Society [1] __HIDER__ <hide> Although the life we see around us is very diverse, it is remarkably similar at the level of molecules. A major goal in life sciences is to understand the structure and dynamics of molecular machines in a cell, the smallest unit of life. To do this, we need to have sophisticated tools to 'see' molecules on a nanometre scale, much smaller than is possible with the naked eye.

Professor Iain Campbell FRS is Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford . In this lecture he will discuss methods of studying the structure of molecules and cells and how they have advanced in the 350 years since early microscopes gave the first glimpse of single cells. He will show how modern methods are giving us unprecedented views of the wonderful, complex world of the living cell.

The Croonian Prize Lecture is the Royal Society's premier lecture in the biological sciences

</hide> </showhide>

URGENT-T-shirt(25 Sept 2006)

  • see suggestion IGEM:IMPERIAL/2006/Logo
  • I am looking for our team t-shirt now... farah have suggested polo shirt, with school name on the sleeve, logo on the chest, but i need more info if u all want me to settle the t-shirt in china, i only have 10 days left!!!
  • I need the following: number of t-shirts, size, colour, expected pattern and anything u want for the t-shirt, and i do not want to collect ideas. I need the definate answer, so i could go and look out to order them, state your expected price as well, we only order a very small amount, so do not expect it to be very cheap.
  • time is running out, if possible, i wish i could have an answer before wednesday if u all are expecting me to make and bring the shirts to london. cheers :)

Intresting sequencing results, J37034 is actually registry aiiA not Fray's aiiA. so there is aiiA in the registry. See mini Report ('23 Sept 2006)

Bad sequencing results, J37034 is not right See Report ('23 Sept 2006)

Teaching-Lab cleared (15 Sept 2006)

  • Thanks to Farah and John C for helping. Big Thanks to Sue for her support during the all summer.

aiiA part found to be faulty (8 Sept 2006)

News Archive

Image:Icon_board.png Fashion

Here you can view our top models - featuring world-renowned LV (Lotka-Volterra not Louis Vuitton) Design

These are the results of creative moments - the detailed design of the oscillator

The details of implementation - the parts for final assembly, parts for testing and creation of new parts

Just in case we finish our project early, we have a lot more things to work on, stage 2 and future developments...

Info on the Primers

How to do the least square curve fit on Matlab

Image:Icon_board.png Science

Find out more about our hectic work schedule and plans for the future

Working in the Wetlab - all about our trials, successes and... failures

Info about our current lab status

Documents outlining how we intend to test our constructs can be found here

List of our protocols

Page containing all of the ligation details

We have data...lots and lots of data...

Image:Icon_board.png Education

References to helpful and inspiring papers

Meetings in the journal clubs - papers and presentations

Everything you should really know when to tackle a problem in Synthetic Biology - Expand your knowledge about engineering concepts and biological systems when browsing through our collection of lecture notes

Essential links for iGEM 2006

Image:Icon_board.png Opinion/Editorial

  • Today's Mood Index: 4/10

So much to do and so little time to do it in...

Discuss issues with members of the team.

Image:Icon_board.png Celebrity Profile

<showhide> The Undergrads __HIDER__ <hide>

</hide></showhide> <showhide> Do you want to get to know the celebrities working on this project? Click the link above to learn more about all the members of I.CoLi 2006 (Imperial College London iGEM 2006)

The Advisors__HIDER__ <hide>

</hide></showhide> Even more celebrities are involved in this exciting project. Find out more with the link above

<showhide> People John is harrassing for aiiA__HIDER__ <hide>


<showhide> Acknowledgements__HIDER__ <hide> Throughout the project, many people have helped us in various ways - we are very thankful for all their precious time & efforts spent to support iGEM at Imperial ! Special thanks to everyone on the Acknowledgements Page. </hide></showhide>

Image:Icon_board.png Weather

A summary of our highs and lows ... the brainstorming sessions and their outcomes

  • Location of our visitors

Locations of visitors to this page

Image:Icon_board.png Arts & Entertainment

The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors on the terrace of the Biochemistry building
The Imperial College iGEM team and instructors on the terrace of the Biochemistry building

Celebrity Quotes and more...

Featuring only the latest fashion and celebrities around Imperial College

Initial proposals for our logo


Imperial iGEM

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