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*The prey part: [http://parts.mit.edu/registry/index.php/Part:BBa_J37015 J37015 @ MIT Parts Registry]
[[Image:J37015 logo.png]]
[http://parts.mit.edu/registry/index.php/Part:BBa_J37015 J37015 @ MIT Parts Registry]
==Design Choices==
==Design Choices==

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Super Parts Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Actual Part Image:J37015page.JPG
Sub Parts Test Sensing Prey Construct <bbpart>C0261</bbpart> <bbpart>I13401</bbpart>


Image:J37015 logo.png

Design Choices

  • Design allows for an exponential increase of AHL via a positive feedback loop
    • Interaction between LuxR, AHL and promoter controlling expression of LuxI
  • Design allows for assesment of status of positive feedback loop via:
    • GFP Production - Linked to LuxI expression
    • AHL Production - Can be indirectly assessed via T9002 assay

INPUTS biological component comments
AHLLuxR + pLuxRThese components sense input and activate output
OUTPUTS biological component comments
AHLLuxILuxI expression causes enzymatic generation of AHL
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