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The Imperial College iGEM 2007 team consists of ten 2nd year undergraduates from Bioengineering and Bioscience. This year our contribution to the synthetic biology community will be the investigation of Cell-Free Chassis, the common platform on which Cell By Date and Infector Detector will be built. The cell-free approach is particularly useful for VesoCops to operate in the medical and food industries. We believe that the characterization of this cell-free chassis will unlock fresh potential in simple constructs. Our project strategy is based on the Engineering Cycle, of which we have completed specifications and design of the systems. We are starting on modelling and implementation, and we aim to test our final constructs in the new chassis.

Our Projects

Cell by Date
Thermal Bioindicator
Infector Detector
Preventing MRSA

Cell Free Systems

A brand new chassis !

iGEM Globe Press release
iGEM Globe Press release
Cell-Free Chassis Characterization (E.Coli S30 Cell Extract Promega)
Cell-Free Chassis Characterization (E.Coli S30 Cell Extract Promega)
T9002 Characterization inside Cell-Free Chassis
T9002 Characterization inside Cell-Free Chassis

Recent Changes

Breaking News
more news in our archives

10th Nov 2007 Come to BioSysBio 2008@Imperial Special iGEM session !!!

30th Sep 2007

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