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Preparing the Jamboree

  • Feel free to add any new items/categories, or to re-organise this list to keep track of what needs to be done before the Jamboree. Add also links to the wiki, where info can be found about a particular item


  • Building the presentation:
    • Story line ? Define how many slides for each point.
    • What are the results that you plan to present ?
    • deadline for the 1st draft ?
  • Departmental seminar presentation


  • Template to be used ?
  • Results to be presented ?
  • deadline for the 1st draft ?
  • latest date to print the poster ?

Wiki Documentation

  • iGEM deadline: 26th of October
  • deadline for the 1st draft ?

BioBricks and Registry documentation

  • iGEM deadline: 26th of October
  • list of the biobricks to be sent
  • Sequencing of our biobricks
  • deadline for the 1st draft of the documentation


  • design of the T-Shirt ?
  • how many t-shirts are needed ? Sizes ? Budget available ?
  • Companies
  • latest date to order the t-shirts ?

Group Picture

  • group picture for the iGEM website
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