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Cell by Date: Modelling


Overview of Modelling

Welcome to our portal page for the modelling of Cell By Date

Cell by date tries to improve on printed cell by date as acting as a thermal exposure device, exploiting the thermal dependance of the rate of expression of a simple reporter system. We are looking at a variety of constructs to realise this behaviour.

Constructs to be Used

GFP Based
RFP Based

As can be seen in the above table all of our constructs have the same general form of a promoter upstream of a reporter. Looking at the rate of Fluorescent Protein (FP) produced :


  1. kFP : Function of Temperature. k is based on the promoter used as promoters take time to turn on.
  2. dFP : Function of System. May be considered to be a function of temperature as proteins degrade faster at higher temperatures.

Transient Response of System

Image needs to be changed to matlab plot of system

Transfer Function of System

Image needs to be changed to matlab plot of system

Construct 2 - LuxR not expressed
Construct 2 - LuxR not expressed

Feedback from Protocols/"Manufacturing"

Construct to be pursued

  • pTet

Refer to the constructs page for more information.

Performance Specifications

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