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===<html><body><blink><font COLOR="green">>>> </blink>Getting Started <blink><<<<</blink></body></font></html>===
===<html><body><blink><font COLOR="green">>>> </blink>Getting Started <blink><<<</blink></body></font></html>===
* '''Get an [http://www.openwetware.com OpenWetWare Account]'''
* '''Get an [http://www.openwetware.com OpenWetWare Account]'''
* '''[[/Projects|Brainstorming]]'''  
* '''[[/Projects|Brainstorming]]'''  

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Resources Resources

About our iGEM summer

iGEM related

Synthetic Biology related

INFORMATION News and Highlights

Breaking News

  • Monday July 7th Start of iGEM 2008!

>>> Getting Started <<<

People People

The Imperial iGEM team consists of nine undergraduate students working fulltime during summer 2008 on engineering a biological system. In addition, we have a number of graduate student and faculty advisors.



  • Prof Richard Kitney
  • Prof Paul Freemont
  • Kirsten Jensen
  • Matthieu Bultelle
  • Geoff Baldwin
  • Vincent Rouilly
  • Larry Wong

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