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| Ligation pending/Failed
| Ligation pending/Failed
|- style=background:red
|- style=background:red
| Awaiting GeneArt/Cloning
| Awaiting GeneArt
|- style=background:maroon
| Cloning difficulties
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{| border="2" cellpadding="2" style="text-align:left" align="left" width="75%"

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BioBricks & Characterisation

Welcome to our Biobricks and Characterisation page! Here you can find information about the parts, devices and systems we have produced.

Shown below is our final construct - our light-sensing, clutch-engaging, biomaterial-producing biofabricator. If you move your mouse over a part, it will light up and you can click it to visit its page in the iGEM Registry. If you select the name of a device (or the whole system) underneath the diagram, that device will show up and clicking the name will take you to its charaterisation page.

| Device 1 | Device 2 | Device 3 |
| The System |

Parts Submitted to the Registry

For now, here are the parts we will submit to the Registry. They can also be accessed here.

Production Status

This table shows our progress with each part:

Fully verified
Partially Verified
Ligation pending/Failed
Awaiting GeneArt
Cloning difficulties
Part Number Part Name Status
K143001 5' AmyE Integration Sequence Sequenced
K143002 3' AmyE Integration Sequence Sequenced
K143005 5' EpsE Integration Sequence PCR Verified
K143006 3' EpsE Integration Sequence PCR Verified
K143008 5' PyrD Integration Sequence Awaiting GeneArt delivery
K143009 3' PyrD Integration Sequence PCR verified
K143031 Aad9 Spectinomycin Resistance Gene PCR Verified
K143032 EpsE Molecular Clutch Gene of B. subtilis Sequenced
K143033 LacI (Lva-, N terminal deletion) Sent for Sequencing
K143034 LipA-EAK16 Fusion Sent for Sequencing
K143035 LipA-Human Elastin Fusion Fails to clone
K143036 Xylose Operon Regulatory Protein PCR verified
K143037 Ytva Blue Light Receptor of B. subtilis PCR verified
K143038 SacB-EAK16 Fusion Sequenced
K143039 SacB-Human Elastin Fusion Fails to clone
K143050 P43-gsiB Sent for Sequencing
K143051 P43-spoVG Sent for Sequencing
K143052 Pveg-gsiB Sent for Sequencing
K143053 Pveg-spoVG Sent for Sequencing
K143054 Phyperspank-gsiB Awaiting GeneArt Delivery
K143055 Phyperspank-spoVG PCR verified
K143056 Pxyl-gsiB Awaiting GeneArt Delivery
K143057 Pxyl-spoVG Awaiting GeneArt Delivery
K143058 Pctc-gsiB PCR verified
K143059 Pctc-spoVG PCR verified
K143060 PgsiB-gsiB Sent for Sequencing
K143061 PgsiB-spoVG Sent for Sequencing
K143062 LacI - Terminator Sent for Sequencing
K143063 XylR - Terminator Pending
K143064 CAT - Terminator Midiprepped
K143065 Aad9 - Terminator Pending

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