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  BioBricks & Characterisation

Welcome to our Biobricks and Characterisation page! Here you can find information about the parts, devices and systems we have produced.

Shown below is our final construct - our light-sensing, clutch-engaging, biomaterial-producing biofabricator. If you move your mouse over a part, it will light up and you can click it to visit its page in the iGEM Registry. If you select the name of a device (or the whole system) underneath the diagram, that device will show up and clicking the name will take you to its charaterisation page.

| Device 1 | Device 2 | Device 3 |
| The System |

For now, here are the parts we hope to submit to the Registry, they can also be accessed here[[1]] and at the bottom of the page is a table showing the current progress on production of each part:

Here is a table of the parts currently in production:



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