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Effector 1 (Protease) Effector 2 (Dye,Enz) Pigment biosynthetic pathways
transcr sigma 54 2 colourless Bilins
Activation (phosphorylation) Enz-in-pathway
  • short pathways
  • ensure - colourless -> colour
  • short pathways
  • ensure - colourless -> colour
Target proteases to use
  • not many AA
  • non-toxic
  • can work in E.Coli
  • quantize speed, efficiency
Protein scaffold Fret pairs as back up for effectors
2C DNA binding prot release

This review article has some useful information on FRET.


Our autoinhibitory coiled-coil output constructs

Taken and adapted from the JACS article 'An Autoinhibited Coiled-Coil Design Strategy for Split-Protein Protease Sensors' ref

The construct design is of the order:

A’-TEV-B-NFluc Cfluc-A-TEV-B‘2A

Where in our case NFluc and CFluc will be NBlactamase CBlactamase//split eGFP and split TEV itself. The 2A refers to a mutated variation of the original coil sequence (AQLKKKLQANKKELAQLKWKLQALKKKLAQ)which produced a better coil activity.


gcgcagctggaaaaagaactgcaggcgctggaaaaaaaactggcgcagctggaatgggaa aaccaggcgctggaaaaagaactggcgcag


gcgcaggcgaaaaaaaaagcgcaggcgaacaaaaaagaactggcgcagctgaaatggaaa ctgcaggcgctgaaaaaaaaactggcgcag

Tobacco etch virus (TEV) protease-cleavable linker (GGGGENLYFQGGKLGGGG)was used.

ggcggcggcggcgaaaacctgtattttcagggcggcaaactgggcggcggcggc LINKER

Beta-Lactamase construct

NβLac-A-TEV-B’4A βLactamase (26-196) TEV B-CβLac βLactamase (198-290)

James- some suggested papers:

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  2. Error fetching PMID 17072307: [2]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

GFP as output


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