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(Ideas we're taking further)
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== Ideas we're taking further ==
== Ideas we're taking further ==
* Water sanitation and cell population control
* [[Water sanitation and cell population control]]
* Cell state indicators and logic gates
* [[Cell state indicators and logic gates]]

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  • Kiril -> biofuels -> photosynthesising bacteria + fuel creating ones (biofilm)

Problems: - too many steps to device? -can have those bacteria in labs?

Possible imporvements: + add quorum sensing feedback loop

  • Nick -> TV screen

Make improvements on previous projects: turn b/w into RGB

  • Harriet -> rhyzobium bacteria
  • Ben -> logic gate

There are gates made already. The challange would be to put them together.

Inputs/outputs: sugars or proteins

  • Madeline -> amplifying outputs, increase speed of expression

(maybe achieve that by loaclizing the output into specific part of cell)

  • Kiril -> health status of cells is fed back to human by some kinda stimuli.
  • Ben -> oscillator (done before) - interface it with something to make a useful system

eg.: use it for trigerring cell cycles

  • Biological wire - I missed that conversation

Ideas we're taking further

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