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*[[IGEM:Imperial/2010/Surface_Protein_team | Surface Protein team (Harriet and Florian)]]
*[[IGEM:Imperial/2010/Surface_Protein_team | Surface Protein team (Harriet and Florian)]]
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==Assembly strategy==
==Assembly strategy==

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Please refer to the assembly strategy for details.

Three Lab-teams are currently working in parallel to assemble parts which will be needed for down-stream steps, as soon as the synthesized sequences arrive.

Assembly strategy

Assembly strategy version 1.1

Wolfs checklist

Additional primers - work in progress
Additional primers - work in progress
  • Urgent primers have been ordered on Monday 16th.
  • 14 other primers will be required. Design is in progress (pic of word table)!
  • Experimental design for XylE e.coli testing!
  • Functional testing strategies have been developed and have been indicated in the overall assembly strategy diagram. Need to be written up properly!
  • XylE and TEV will not be tagged. In order to be able to analyse their activity, we will compare substrate-turnover rates.
  • Strategies for testing of expression etc have to be developed and structured.
  • List of parts for submission has to be assembled.
  • Gant chart!
  • How much synthetic AIP will be required to trigger our test system? (Modellers)
  • ComE promoter system - recap on mode of function.


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