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Deadlines to Remember

UNAM_Genomics_Mexico iGEMS: This section was made to remember you about the things you should complete before their deadlines!!

June 6th: Lab Journals, Descriptions

1. All your personal lab journals updated in OpenWetWare 2. Introductory descriptions (History including advances in iGEM teams (Amhed), General Mechanisms (Claudia and co.), Evolutionary

June 8th: Human Practices, Project Names, Project Logo and Style

1.- Discussion of proposals for Human Practice (they need a goal, rationale, and strategy). Existence of proposals won't guarantee carrying out a Human Practice, so quality, originality and impact will be evaluated. 2. Project Name contest: Everyone must submit at least one name; the names will be voted and the best ones will be subjected to rounds of mutagenesis and selection. Owner of final name will get a prize. 3. Project logo Contest

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