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  1. check BL21 plates for transformants -- TONS of transformants! They were borderline overgrown, even in the 20μL plates. I put them in the fridge; I will start liquid cultures sometime this afternoon.
  2. make D, E, F liquid cultures in LB Kan from each plate (assuming possible) -- Did this at 8PM; I chose 3 colonies from each of the 3 plates (20μL BAMT, SAMT, and BSMT), and cultured them in 9 tubes. I put them near the center of the rotating tube holder in the 37 degree room (for whoever comes in tomorrow...they're labeled with what they contain + VV + 6/17...it's hard to miss them :))
  3. put in 37c room with shaking for about 16 hours -- so...noon-ish sunday
  4. will remove next am
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