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1. Since 600A looks to have a mixed sequencing result, will transform the miniprep before 10 AM- DONE and make LCs at night- DONE

2. Will religate and retransform parts to make J45800 before 10 AM- DONE and make LCs at night- NOT DONE (NONE GREW UP, PUT BACK IN WARM ROOM)

3. Will make serial dilutions of methyl salicylate in culture, make samples of J45700 cultures, and make a negative control culture- DONE and test them all with the GC- DONE

4. Will discuss with Lily a proper protocol for extracting isoamyl acetate from culture- DONE

5. Will read papers that Lily sent on isolating metabolites and derivitizing compounds- DONE

6. Will make LCs of the proper osmY and control structures to run the plate reader experiment tomorrow- DONE

7. Clean old tubes- DONE

8. Add J45997 and J45998 to the Registry- DONE

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