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(New page: ===USING SEQUENCHER (Demo)=== *Copy desired gene sequence (to check) *Sequence tab **Create New Sequence **Give name **Paste sequence *View tab **Translation – different reading frame...)
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  • Copy desired gene sequence (to check)
  • Sequence tab
    • Create New Sequence
    • Give name
    • Paste sequence
  • View tab
    • Translation – different reading frames (gives AAs)
    • Fifth button over – check presence of all common enzyme sites
  • Cut map tab – show where different restriction sites
    • Select enzymes – look for different enzymes and click ok to see where that site is (Ensure presence/absence of restriction enzymes)
    • Bases
  • View tab
    • Reverse and Com – gives reverse complementary sequence
    • Can look at sequencing data (ambiguities?)
  • Take whole sequence (front, middle, back) and ensure all restriction enzymes are correct and present
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