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#Make electrocompetent BL-21 cells
#Make more DD R0051
#Make more DD R0051
#Redo R0051.B0034 ligation
#Redo R0051.B0034 ligation

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  1. Make electrocompetent BL-21 cells
  2. Make more DD R0051
  3. Redo R0051.B0034 ligation
  4. Get electrocompetent cells from TK
  5. Transform R0051.B0034 and plate
  6. Transform I14032.B0034.CPX.B0014 into competent cells and plate
  7. Run polystyrene-binding efficiency assay
  8. Mercury removal assay

Mercury Removal Assay Protocol

  • Derived from Bae et al. Papers
  1. Grow to OD of .3 in LB + Amp
  2. Induce with 1mM IPTG
  3. Induce for 2,3,4,5 hrs
  4. Grow to OD of 1.0
  5. Suspend in LB medium w/ 5uM Hg2+
  6. Check [Hg2+] after 1 hr
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