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* [[../Yogurt/Label |Labeling Information]]
* [[../Yogurt/Label |Labeling Information]]
==Useful Links==
*[http://www.biology.utah.edu/jorgensen/wayned/ape/ |DNA Plasmid Editor]
*[http://slam.bs.jhmi.edu/gd/ |Peptide Sequence Manipulations]
*Primer Analyzer Tool (check temperature & GC content) [http://www.idtdna.com/analyzer/Applications/OligoAnalyzer/Default.aspx |]

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We seek to express the 20aa peptide P1050 in Lactobacillus bulgaricus/lactis.

We will express P1050 in E. coli as an intermediate step to evaluate protein secretion and efficacy.


  • Group meetings every Friday at 4pm in 68-574


Useful Links

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