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(Linear Sequence/Design)
(Summary of individual tasks to research:)
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# L. bulgaricus transformation/protocols-Derek
# L. bulgaricus transformation/protocols-Derek
# binding assay protocols-Andrew
# binding assay protocols-Andrew
# epitope sequence
===Linear Sequence/Design===
===Linear Sequence/Design===

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JUN 10

JUN 16

Summary of individual tasks to research:

  1. S. Mutans metabolism pathway-Asad
  2. L. bulgaricus metabolism pathway-Allin
  3. secretion (full or partial)-John
  4. other secretion systems (introduction of)-Sara
  5. T7 as a promoter (L. bulgaricus)-Prarthna
  6. L. bulgaricus transformation/protocols-Derek
  7. binding assay protocols-Andrew
  8. epitope sequence

Linear Sequence/Design

Ex-promoter-RBS-ATG-signal-epitope-p1025-linker (TEV cleavage site)-GFP-His-TAATAA-termination-SP (see attached link for image of linear sequence)

  • Base pairs: 35-10-3-90-30-60-45-700-15-6-8
  • potential eptiopes
    • FLAG (Asp-Tyr-Lys-Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys)
    • C-myc
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