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<div id="mainpage">
[[Image:MIT iGEM 2009 recruitment flyer.png][[Image:Mit-blackred-header2.gif|194px http://web.mit.edu]]
[[Image:MIT iGEM 2009 recruitment flyer.png]][[Image:Mit-blackred-header2.gif|194px http://web.mit.edu]]
'''This is the MIT team Wiki for iGEM 2009'''
'''This is the MIT team Wiki for iGEM 2009'''

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Image:MIT iGEM 2009 recruitment flyer.png194px http://web.mit.edu

This is the MIT team Wiki for iGEM 2009

iGEM 2009 recruiting is open! Go [ here] for application instructions. The deadline is Friday, April 3.

MIT Direct UROP funding info

Previous years' team wiki on OWW
iGEM 2008

Athena list management

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