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Date: 08/06/13 Blythe Ferriere, Annie Goo

Title: People in lab: Dilute primers plus PCR

Start Time: 2:15 PM

Purpose: Dilute primers for PCR reaction of norV gene, PCR norV gene from E. coli K-12 add iGEM prefix-suffix

Protocol: Fill in later pg 10 lab notebook


Sample Label Description Source Label Quantity
8/6/13 norV A 1 Amplified norV gene w/ iGEM prefix & suffix using 7.5 uL of template DNA template DNA 7/31/13 3
8/6/13 norV A 4 Amplified norV gene w/ iGEM prefix & suffix using 5 uL of template DNA Template DNA 7/31/13 3

Results: N/A

Notes: Changed programs about 15 minutes in

Stop Time: 5:00 PM

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