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Date: 08/08/13 People in lab: Blythe Ferriere

Title: Blue/white screening for norV TOPO-TA cloned colonies

Start Time: 4:10PM

Purpose: Plate screened for blue white colonies white colonies should have plasmid.

Protocol: Colonies from plate CT1 8/7/13 were inoculated into LB broth + ampicillin tubes


Sample Label Description Source Label Quantity
8/8/13 I 1 Isolation and inoculation of white colony 8/7/13 CT1 8
8/8/13 I 9 Isolation and inoculation of light blue colony 8/7/13 CT1 1
8/8/13 I 10 Isolation and inoculation of blue colony 8/7/13 CT1 3

Notes: Ampicillin re-done in I1-I8

Stop Time: 5:41 PM

Next: Pick tubes with growth from white colonies for further analysis for check for norV gene

Date: 08/08/13 People in lab: Emily Puleo

Title: Gel electrophoresis of 8/7/13 PCR samples

Start Time: 4:37 PM

Purpose: To check for successful PCR reaction.

Protocol: LTM ed. 2 pg. 44

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