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  | <center> [[IGEM:Paris_Bettencourt_2012/Notebooks/Semantic_group | Semantic Containment Project]] </center>
  | <center> [[IGEM:Paris_Bettencourt_2012/Notebooks/Semantic_group | Semantic Containment Project]] </center>
  | <center> Jean with whoever wants to join </center>
  | <center> Jean with whoever wants to join </center>
  | <center> [[IGEM:Paris Bettencourt 2012/Notebook/Semantic_group/day_by_day/|Semantic group Notebook ]] </center>
  | <center> [[IGEM:Paris Bettencourt 2012/Notebooks/Semantic_group/day_by_day/|Semantic group Notebook ]] </center>

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Notebooks Design Roadmap Meetings and to-dos Protocols Bibliography Previous Biosafety iGEM projects
The group Who? Notebook
Delay Group
Ernest & Jean, with Yfan
Delay group Notebook
MAGE Group
Zoran & Guillaume, with Antoine
MAGE group Notebook
Semantic Containment Project
Jean with whoever wants to join
Semantic group Notebook
Restriction Enzyme Group
Denis & Claire with Aleksandra
Restriction enzyme group Notebook
Suicide Group
Julianne & Aishah with Jake
Suicide group Notebook
Modularity, Encapsulation Group
Dylan & Sarah with Babak
Modularity group Notebook

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