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Back from Amsterdam!

We received the primers for the biobricking of the sRNA Delay system.


We amplify the following products : sRNA (the sRNA generating part of the pBAD sRNA 7.9 plasmid), ColE2 (without RBS), aOmpF (stop before ATG) and YiaGp.

1° sRNA amplified from strain #27. Expected product : 1746bp

2° ColE2 amplified from strain #5. Expected product : 1801bp

3° aOmpF amplified from strain #25 Expected product : 159bp

4° YiaGp amplified from MG1655 Expected product : 136bp

Tm : 52°C, elongation time = 1min, phusion.

We run the PCR product on 2 gels : -1% agarose for 1°&2°

-2% agarose for 3°&4°

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