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(preparing gene transfer assay)
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preparing gene transfer assay

Following Juliens advices and references (....), we founded that b. Subtilis was a good candidate for our gene transfer assay. Even more since we had already strains: there are 3 strains in IGEM2011 glycerol stocks:

  • BSPY79: wild type.
  • SB513: Kan resistant. (stored as S10)
  • SB473: CM resistant. (stroed as S11)

we will use S10 or S11. But Baback is worried that BSPY79 is contaminated. To ckeck it and to obtain a non contaminated new glycerol stock we searched for singles on ... plates: - - - - - -

Analytical digest of pMG.004 miniprep from 18/7/12


  • 2020 bp backbone pST1A2
  • 1940 bp insert BBa_I716462

5uL digest with XbaI and PstI 3xMinipreps C1, C2, C3


  • Bad result, what is the problem? It's as though it is 1/2 digested but the size is too small (would be 4kb)

Re-doing analytical digest of pMG.004

  • Only of C1 miniprep from 18/7/12
XbaI PstI
1 X
2 X
3 X X


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