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Start up

Another mistake when transforming (0:10:10)

The following experiment takes place between 0:30 to 0:50
Qu:Should i centrifuge these tubes ?
Zheng:Just do it.
Qu: Roger that(centrifuging)...
after 5 minutes....(centrifuge finished)
Yu:where's the tubes....
Qu:I've just Finished centrifuging ...
Yu:these tubes must be standing in ice for 30 minutes before taking them to ....
Qu&Ma&Zheng&Yu: ..........
after 10 minutes....
Yu:We can use these tubes for Nagetive control!
Ma:GO GO GO...
5 minutes later...(centrifuge finished)
Yu:I forgot to mark nagetive control tubes
Qu&Ma&Zheng&yu:...........what the ****(di~)...

Bacteria cultivation from CGMCC

  • By Xu Anting and Liu Ting
K-12 F+: nutrient bouillon agar with 30℃
Wait to see if the protocol from CGMCC (China General Microbiological Culture Collection Centre) is OK...

Transformation plasmid from Biobricks

  1. Transformation Biobrick PARTS:pSB1A3, pSB3K3, pSB1AK3, R0010, J23066.
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