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PCR RS1,2,3

ddH2O 36.75uL

Buffer 5uL

dNTP 5uL

pRec7-8 1uL

Rec-S-1-F 1uL

Rec-S-1-Rnew 1uL

Ex-Taq 0.25uL

total 50uL

temperature grad: 53.2, 58.5, 63.5, 68.1

result: RS1 and RS2's production got but RS3 failed.

transformation of pRec 7-8

Mistake about antibiotic, failed

miniprep of plx007/008/009-lacZa

double digestion test

H buffer 2uL

XhoI/SalI 0.5uL

plasmid 7uL

dH2O 10uL

total 20uL

eletrophoresis result: no visible band

preparation of LB plates with Amp

double digestion of plx007, plx008, plx009

H buffer 2uL

ScaI/SalI 0.5uL

plasmid 7uL

dH2O 10uL

total 20uL

electrophoresis result: digestion not successful, but the plasmid is right.

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