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48 colonies are tested. 12 show different lengths and are selected for incubation.
[[Image:Peking-Switch-070804-T1TE-pCC010 1-24.tif]]
[[Image:Peking-Switch-070804-T1TE-pCC010 T1TE 25-48.tif]]
48 colonies are tested. 12 are selected for incubation.

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Experimenter: LXL


Retraction, ligation and transformation

Precipitate and retract

T1T2^^(A/X), pLX007^^(X/S), lacZa-pLX003(A/X)

Ligation and transformation


T1T2^^(A/X)      lacZa-pLX003^^
T1T2^^(A/X)      self-control
lacZa-pLX003^^   self-control
lacZa^^          pLX007^^(X/S)
pLX007^^(X/S)    self-control


T1T2^^           pCC010^^
pCC010^^(N/X)    self-control
T1TE^^           pCC010^^(C/S)
T1TE^^           self-control
pCC010^^(C/S)    self-control

Colony PCR test of T1TE-pCC010

Primer: T1TE F/R

Image:Peking-Switch-070804-T1TE-pCC010 1-24.tif

Image:Peking-Switch-070804-T1TE-pCC010 T1TE 25-48.tif

48 colonies are tested. 12 are selected for incubation.

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