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Chen Daizhuo (Talk | contribs)
(New page: ==Ligation and transformation== <pre> T1TE^^(A/X) lacZa-pLX003^^ lacZ-pLX003^^(A/X) (self-ligation-control) </pre> ==Digestion of plasmids== <pre> 2uL T1T2-pCC002 2uL C...)
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Ligation and transformation

T1TE^^(A/X)         lacZa-pLX003^^
lacZ-pLX003^^(A/X)  (self-ligation-control)

Digestion of plasmids

  2uL    T1T2-pCC002
  2uL    ClaI
  2uL    SalI
 10uL    10*H buffer
 84uL    H2O
100uL    total
  2uL    SDY-EGFP=pLX007
  2uL    AatII
  2uL    XhoI
 10uL    T
 10uL    BSA
 74uL    H2O
100uL    total
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