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Monday, May 21-Group Meeting in 244 Ag Engineering 3PM More information about the meetings below. If times do not work, please let me know and we can reschedule them to a better time. Also, if anyone has a copy of the Genetic Switch and would like to lend it out to one of our 3 new members please let me know, and I will get it to one of them as quickly as possible.

At the Student Meeting

Friday, May 18-Student Meeting at 408 Althouse 2PM

We went over:

  • using the spectrophotometer
  • locations of lab supplies
  • general lab strategies
  • planned brainstorming session

Monday, May 21-Group Meeting in 244 Ag Engineering 3PM

Summer Schedule

Monday, May 30-Group Meeting in 244 Ag Engineering 4PM

Todays Topic: Project Propoasals

  • Friday is decision deadline

Suggestions: Focus on areas under advisors expertise, focus on iGEM objectives (Energy, Fuel) iGEM objectives for 2007

  • Health and Medicine
  • Energy and Environment
  • Parts and Devices

Project Proposals

  • Radiation Biosensor
  • Heat Biosensor
    • Exothermic Enzymes
  • Biofilms
    • Tom Richards: Applications to Synthetic Biology
  • Renewable Energy Biomass:
    • Problem is Multiple Sugar Types
      • Diauxie
      • Remove Diauxie by modifying bacteria to remove both sugars at the same time.
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