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Video & Audio

Below you will find our favorite videos on synthetic biology, iGEM, and other interesting topics.

  • A quick how-to style film by the 2009 Southampton team. It covers what new teams can expect from iGEM, both the good and the bad.

  • It wouldn't be an emerging field without a few child prodigies on the scene. Gabriel See's work with the Washington University Team making a LEGO Liquid Handling Robot is mind-blowing, inspiring stuff. There's also a hilarious moment 55 seconds into this Youtube video, when a reporter talks about Gabriel being able to understand "nucleotide sequences ... whatever they are". You'll laugh and cry at the same time.

  • The Biobrick trophy-holding Cambridge 2009 Team developed a truly impressive project. But what caught Mac Cowell's attention was the interesting application one artistic designer came up with for the project...

  • Here's the 2008 iGEM competition being covered by PBS's News Hour. Quite good for a mainstream media report (feat. Randy Rettberg, Pamela Silver, and Mac Cowell).

  • This beautifully shot and edited video article centers on the legendary MIT professor (now at Stanford), Drew Endy.

  • Eric Ma delivers a magnificent introduction to the field. He has a knack for avoiding talking over a newcomer's head and still conveying the power of synthetic biology. His passion for iGEM is very infectious. Eric was a member of the 2008 team from the University of British Columbia.

  • This is the first part of a thought-provoking debate between Drew Endy and Jim Thomas on the ethics of synthetic biology. The whole talk is available at the Long Now Foundation's website.

  • An animation of DNA transcription and translation. Rivaled in beauty only by Inner Life of a Cell.

  • A supplemental video to a 2009 paper on bacterial timekeeping via quorum sensing. The link to this paper is available under the "Resources" tab.



  • Biobuilder is the product of the MIT Working Group's goal of inspiring youth to take up science (and especially SynBio). The website is tailored to appeal to a young audience, but don't be surprised if you find yourself watching the videos a second time: they require an engaged mind!
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