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[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Sequencing|Sequencing]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Sequencing|Sequencing]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Competent cell production|Competent cell production]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Competent cell production|Competent cell production]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/OverlapExtensionRxn|Overlap extension of oligos]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/PCRPrep|PCR prep]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/PCRPrep|PCR prep]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Conjugation|Conjugation]]<br>
[[IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Conjugation|Conjugation]]<br>

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Addressable Conjugation in Bacterial Networks

Networks of interacting cells provide the basis for neural learning. We have developed the process of addressable conjugation for communication within a network of E. coli bacteria. Here, bacteria send messages to one another via conjugation of plasmid DNAs, but the message is only meaningful to cells with a matching address sequence. In this way, the Watson Crick base-pairing of addressing sequences replaces the spatial connectivity present in neural systems. To construct this system, we have adapted natural conjugation systems as the communication device. Information contained in the transferred plasmids is only accessable by "unlocking" the message using RNA based 'keys'. The resulting addressable conjugation process is being adapted to construct a network of NAND logic gates in bacterial cultures. Ultimately, this will allow us to develop networks of bacteria capable of trained learning.
The presentation of our results for the 2006 Jamboree is available at the iGEM Website

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Bryan Hernandez
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Kaitlin A. Davis
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Samantha Liang
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John Dueber
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Procedure Overview (Plasmid DNA to Sequencing)
Plasmid Transformation
Competent cell production
Overlap extension of oligos
PCR prep
DNA Gel pouring
DNA purifications
PCR machine program (Expand kit)
Knockouts by Electroporation of pOX38 x pKD46

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Conjugation 6/7/06-7/21/06
Conjugation 7/24/06 - 09/07/06
Conjugation 09/07/06- present
Locks and Keys
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Bryan's Lock and Keys
Samantha's Notebook

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Addressable Cell-to-Cell Communication

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