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Red colonies

The day began with checking the plates we had incubated overnight for colonies. After deciding to incubate them for longer we met up with other available team members to fill them in on what had been taking place in the lab and discuss other aspects of the project, such as outreach and logo design.

Having made good progress in our talks we went back to the lab to take some pictures of our plates from the previous two days.

There was then another meeting with Richard to give him highlights of what the team had discussed earlier and ask any questions we may have about the project.The day ended with us developing a schedule of lab work for the following week.

Fig 1: Transformation of BBa_J04450 in plasmid backbone PSB1C3 at 50pg/μL concentration into E.coli cells on a Agar LB plate with Chloramphenicol added. Colonies appeared red under natural light after 18 hours incubation.

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